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Something had to change for John Sikkema...

John Sikkema was working 80 hours a week, losing tens of thousands of dollars a month, and had two mortgages on his house. With a raft of maxed out credit cards and a family to support, John was facing burnout. As his health and relationships began to crumble, John knew something had to give. After much soul searching, a change in John’s thinking led to a complete 180 degree turnaround! His life was transformed, his business rapidly grew nationally and then was sold to a Packer backed ASX listed company for $40 million. What changed? It’s not what you might think.

John's Book

In Enriched: re-defining wealth, John openly shares his story – from shy Dutch immigrant kid just trying to fit in, to self-made millionaire and CEO of one of Australia’s most successful financial planning firms.

His book is more than a compelling autobiography; it offers a practical blueprint for identifying the changes you need to make in your life and a method for initiating these changes.