With penetrating foresight, John helps people to discover their entrepreneurial gifts and find meaning amid rapid social and technological change.

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We live in an age of disruption, where many business owners find themselves needing to transform how their business operates in order to navigate the unique challenges of a digital world. The threat of automation requires business owners to build operating models on human ingenuity and to commit to continually invest in creative solutions that make a meaningful impact to the lives around them.

John shares his practical insights into how to take hold of the opportunities available through technology by transcending the noise and identifying your business purpose. By rethinking how we define work, we become far more effective stewards of the gifts and talents given to us, and embrace business as a vehicle for social change.

What topics can John Sikkema cover?

Principles For Discovering Your Purpose So Your Business Can Thrive

The Power of Giving and the Impacts of Philanthropy

Why You Should Align Your Business With Your Life Mission

How to Engage Your Team By Leading With Purpose

5 Keys to Transform Your Business and Your Life