The businesses that are succeeding today are built on purpose. Do you have strategic clarity for why your business exists?

The challenge for entrepreneurs.

Are you overworked and tired in your business? Is it all becoming too much? Looking for a clear direction for your business so it all seems worthwhile?

Managing a business is not a job. It requires a whole-of-life approach to make it work for you and your family so that it doesn’t end up taking over your life.

In today’s market of constant disruption, many business owners are keeping their head above water and are asking “What is the point to my business? Is it worth all the stress and effort?”

Why Build A Business With A Purpose?

While many business owners recognise the need to define their business purpose, less than half have their business purpose reflected in their business strategy.

John believes that one of the keys to unlocking the growth potential of your business is finding your purpose. Not only has John personally walked this journey with his own business, research from Harvard Business Review and Oxford University have identified that when organisations embrace their purpose, they are more likely to be innovative and expand their operations than those that don’t. When John discovered his business purpose, his financial services company expanded from 7 to 65 offices around Australia, later selling the company for $40 million.

Business With A Purpose was established to help you discover the ‘why’ of your business, challenge your assumptions of what makes businesses perform and grow, and relaunch your business so that it is both profitable and socially innovative.

4 Stages Of Moving Towards Building A Business With A Purpose

Stage One: Become Clear On Your Business Purpose

Step back from your business to identify your core values. Becoming clear on the ‘why’ of your business will make it easier to identify the how. Defining a strong, shared business purpose will bring about collective change in your organisation. Your business can better manage pressures and threats as it is strengthened by a greater purpose.

Stage Two: Go Through A Realignment Process

When you identify your business purpose the next important step is to align your core values with business operations. As your business model is transformed to have a greater impact on lives outside it, suddenly your business becomes more attractive to outsiders as it is seen as a vehicle for service and not just to make profit. Every area of your business must reflect your new ethos, which requires a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Stage Three: Get The Right Mentor On Your Journey

Don’t go at it alone. Defining and being true to your life purpose can take some time until your business truly reflects your values. To keep on track, a mentor that has walked through the same transformational journey will guide you through critical milestones. A fresh set of eyes can ensure you maximise the benefits of structuring a business around purpose and provide you with much needed insights along the way.

Stage Four: Live A Life of Impact & Adventure

The best work happens when we connect our hearts with our minds. Once you start to manage your business from a place of deeply held convictions and values, you will find that your work takes you places you never thought were possible. Your employees also become empowered to embrace your business purpose, boosting productivity, engagement and loyalty.

John Sikkema has teamed up with Peter Irvine for the business mentoring program “Business With A Purpose”. This program is designed to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to transform their businesses to create new customer and employee experiences.